The Kinsal Gaming Chair is a high-back computer chair that's sold on Amazon. It is primarily known because of it's lower cost in comparison to other gaming chair brands. Since we are a gaming chair retailer we'd thought why not look at the pros and cons of these chairs and answer the question Is it Right For You?
The Models
Kinsal's gaming chair come in two models: Regular and Large. This is a key component for any gaming chair brand because customers come in all different shapes and sizes. Leading gaming chair lines like Arozzi and DXRacer carry numerous editions in different width, heights, and weight limits so that everyone can't get a truly great fit. When is comparisons Kinsal only has two.
Each of Kinsal's chairs is said to include "pu leather and adjustable material" (mainly the armrest). PU leather material is universal for lower-priced gaming chairs models but I will say that kinsals adjustable armrest is definitely a bonus to have at this price. Our guess is it's an up and down adjustable mechanism which is solid but falls isn't as "adjustable" as a 3D or 4D armrest which many higher-end gaming chairs have. Overall the is how durable will this chair be for consumers? Gaming chairs that we carry have manufacturers warranty of at least one year.  With Kinsal's 30 day warranty that something you'd have to take into account when purchasing. 
Final Thoughts
Overall when going into the features of the Kinsals they are solid. You get your lumbar support, adjustable armrest and even a aluminium base! If you're really on a tight budget and can't afford spending a little more something for a little more change like a cougar gaming chair or a cheaper gaming chairs from well-known brand then go a get your kinsal gaming chair because your back will thank you!