Champ Chairs Affiliate Program

Who is this thing for?

If you’re a blogger, streamer, or social media influencer and love video games then you’ve come to the right place. Our affiliate program is great way to make some extra income that’s totally passive.

The registration process

That’s easy. On this page below you can register become apart of this great affiliate program. You just register your email, social media, accounts and or website then once you wait till you are accepted later that day. Once accepted you will receive a unique affiliate link that will track your affiliate commissions.

How long does the link and commissions work?

Each sales that are generated from affiliates are tracked from websites cookies & ip address. The tracking last or 21 days. Any sales many from visitors between that time frame will allow the affiliate to receive his/her commissions. Affiliate will be paid via Paypal once they hit a small bench mark in commissions sales (less than $50)

What’s different from other affiliate programs?

We carry a number of brand on our store which affiliates are freely able to use to market.  Products range from $199- $2,000 which not only allow for big commissions but frequent as well. We don’t do “tiers” which only work for top affiliates while leaving newer affiliates in the sand. Our commissions are better than top notch online retailers and you can contact us at any time.


  • U.S sales are the only valid sales for commission
  • Must be a Social Media Influencer, Streamer, or Blogger. (contact us if you have any questions on this)
  • Offensive content is not allowed whatsoever and can lead to termination.
  • Affiliate Partnership is not a sponsorship so please do not claim it to be. (contact us if you have any questions on this)

How do I apply?