Champ Chairs is happy to announce, we now have an affiliate program! Are you looking for a twitch sponsor? Are you a blogger, a streamer, or a social media expert or know someone who has an online following? Our affiliate program is a great way to add extra income to your site.

How does our affiliate program?

Champ Chairs affiliate program was designed to provide commissions to website owners and streamers for customer purchases made on our website using their affiliate link. Generated sales from affiliates are tracked via website cookies that last 21 days. Which means that any sales made within 21 days after the visitor clicked on your link will award you a commission. 


How do you register?

You register for the Champ Chairs affiliate program below, and after being approved, you will be provided will a reference link that you can put on your website/page or code. When one of your visitors clicks on that link, he/she will be redirected to our website. If that person purchases a gaming chair, you will receive a commission.

Each commission is approved only after the product is shipped and received by the client.


Why use the Champ Chairs affiliate program?

  • Commissions on every sale. (Products range from $299 - $2,000)

  • Live real time stats about your sales and visitors

  • Over 300 products, from 8 different brands 

  • Top affilates will get quaterly rewards

  • Monthly payments to your verified PayPal account


Terms and conditions

  • All applications are subject to approval by our staff (within 24h)

  • Commission applies to sales made in the U.S. only 

  • Only content website owners and broadcasters can apply

  • Your content cannot contain nudity, racism or violence

  • You must use a Verified PayPal account to receive your commission

  • You cannot claim that you are sponsored by Champ Chairs unless authorized.

  • You cannot duplicate our website or content in any way


How do I apply?