We asked 11 Popular Twitch Streamers to share Their Number One Tips for a Brand New Twitch Channel

Unless you've been living under a rock then I'm sure at some point you've heard of it Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. It has 1.7+ million unique broadcasters and 100+ million unique viewers per month! Because of Twitch's massive audience, creating a huge channel is something people dream about. For many starting it can be quite daunting. 

Rather than taking a shotgun approach and flat out creating a channel without any knowledge of the platform, we gathered the knowledge of 10 popular streamers and asked them this simple question:

What's The Number One Tip You Would Give To A New Twitch Streamer?



            #1. Futureman Gaming


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Saving the world one game at a time, a lone man form the future sent back in time to stop video games before they take over the world by wages with his super awesome time traveling future powers from his super awesome underground base beneath New York City prepare to watch as he fights dudes with his impressive gaming skills to save the world.

                                     HIS ADVICE

"The biggest advice I can offer is to find your own voice.
In a sea of streamers it is imperative to get creative and differentiate yourself in some way.
Also, remember that things take time. Growing a community is not going to happen overnight so you need to work hard, learn from your mistakes, and, most importantly, have fun!"


                   #2. Jeffrey Shih





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Jeffrey "Trump" Shih is an American Hearthstone player for Team SoloMid. He was a StarCraft 2 streamer and former pro player. His popularity has grown a lot since he started streaming Hearthstone, and he is one of the most well-known players.


         My number one tip for a new channel starting out would be to simply





          #3. Vinny from VineSauce

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Vinny created VineSauce a video game streaming website which features hosts commentating on a wide variety of games, including corrupted versions of games on the NES/SNES/N64 etc. played on an emulator.    


The best thing to do is Don't overreact for the audience.

If you're a quite person, don't force yourself to be loud.

Always try to be charismatic, but not at the cost of your own personality. Also during the starting phases of streaming, don't get discouraged if you don't see growth.

Find fun things to stream, keep streaming and maybe even edit some highlight videos. Keep at it and with a lot of work and some luck, you can hopefully see results.




          #4. Ari "TRIPLEWRECK" SMITH

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tripleWRECK is one of the top Destiny streamers out there. For the past couple of years he’s been running a successfully channel where he’s done his best to interact with viewers consistently and provide quality gameplay within a chill, positive atmosphere.


A lot of it comes down to being analytical wanting to self-improve.
I would suggest watching your own stream replay and making changes until you'd say that you'd be happy watching as a viewer. Because if you don't enjoy your own stream, the chances are other people won't either!





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Datto is a Youtube gamer who started out in 2013 and is known for primarily specializing in the FPS Destiny. 


 I actually get this question a lot from fans and unfortunately, I don't think I could answer it very well, unless you want me to talk out of my ass.

I did not start as a Twitch streamer, but rather started as a Youtuber.

As my Youtube channel was able to grow, so did my Twitch presence, simply because I could tell my YT audience to come over and watch me.




            #6. NICK28T

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Nick is an FIFA Ultimate Team player well known for his YouTube channel as well as his popular Twitch account. He launched his Nick28T channel on December 4, 2011 with the original title being alaslkaslkalks. He didn't upload his first video until December 16, 2013. In celebration of his first year on Twitch, he did a 12 hour charity stream for the Make-A-Wish Foundation that raised north of $3,600.


My advice for a new streamer would be,


and acting like you have an audience of thousands even when it's 1 or 2 people 



            #7. Godtone Asia           

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Asia Godtone is sub-culture hero now in Taiwan, people who played  LOL intimate his act and saying and everything, and his sayings have even become some sort of slang that young people say for fun.



My number one tip for a new channel starting out would be to have a 




            #8. Mats "P4wnyhof"

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Mats known under his screenname "P4wnyhof" brings his viewers high legend Hearthstone gameplay almost every day of the week! His videos will contain around 3-4 games of in depth gameplay! Users enjoy it (sometimes there might even be an arena).



Number 1 Streaming Tip: Treat it like a hobby - Have fun while you're doing it and don't start with big expectations!

Number 2: Never look at your numbers viewers/followers etc.. they will grow and come . But don't look at them it will only influence your behavior.


That's what streaming is all about having fun! If people don't feel it then they won't enjoy it!

That would be about it 



                 #9. Trihex

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Mychal Jefferson better known under the screen name Trihex, is an American professional gamer and speedrunner. Active at the biannual Games Done Quick events, Trihex is best known for his runs of Jet Set Radio and Yoshi's Island.



Number 1 tip when starting is to keep in mind streaming in 2016, or present day isn't the same environment as those who started when twitch was younger (2012):

Make sure you enjoy streaming because you enjoy streaming and not THE IDEA of being a successful streamer. They aren't the same.

I advise, in the beginning, while in the single-digit viewer slump (TM), play games as you'd normally do, and be "coincidentally" streaming. You'll find your flow and comfort while being seen way better than putting on act.

In time, being exceptional, a bit of luck, and determination can get you way further than you may have ever thought possible! (I had less than 100 viewers average for over a full year, for example—but obviously, average concurrent viewership isn't the vital stat to judge success of off, I'd say enjoyment is!)


            #10. Guardianoutpost

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GuardianOutpost is a Streamer, Podcaster and Creator of .


My advice is learn to have confidence in yourself. Streaming is fun but it comes with a lot of doubt.

Am I interesting? Am I funny? Will people like me? Why is nobody watching me?

These questions creep up a lot especially when your viewer count is low. So just be patient, be confident in your ability and stay consistent. Streaming success is not 100% guaranteed, but these tips are good to start building from.



            #11. Eposvox

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eposvox - Epic Voice, Epic Content. Channels feature gameplays and commentaries from Halo 5: Guardians, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Star Wars: Battlefront, etc. as well as various let's plays and other gameplay-related videos.


My #1 tip is to make sure you're having fun above all else.

Too many people insist on maintaining all-day streaming schedules and the like when they have no energy or motivation, and it's not fun to watch.

Stream when you're having fun and want to share. Just like with normal, on-demand video, let your best moments shine through.

If you find any of these tips helpful make sure to share this article with others so they can start their Twitch journey today!